Physics Pre-AP

Unit 1: Laboratory Management and Safety (COMPLETE)

Unit 2: Graphing Motion (COMPLETE)

Unit 3: Kinematics of 1D and 2D Motion (CURRENT STUDY)

Unit 4: Newton's Laws of Motion

Unit 5: Theory and History of Universal Gravity

Unit 6: Special Relativity

Unit 7: Conservation of Energy and Energy Transformation

Unit 8: Momentum and Energy in Collisions

Unit 9: Thermodynamics

Unit 10: Electrostatics - Forces, Fields, Energy, and Interaction with Matter

Unit 11: Current Electricity and Circuits

Unit 12: Magnetic Fields and Applications

Unit 13: Electromagnetism

Unit 14: General Wave Properties

Unit 15: Medical and Industrial Applications of Waves

Unit 16: Waves (Pressure and Electromagnetic)

Unit 17: Quantum Mechanics